Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Necessary Diet Changes

This is the tough part for me.  Making changes in my everyday diet.  I have to fess up to my weaknesses; fried foods, colas, bread, bread, and more bread!  I know I do not get enough vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.  As you can see, I have no problem getting fats, sugars, and carbohydrates!  The biggest benefit I have in making changes to my eating habits is that I love any kind of food, cooked any kind of way.  I will not have a problem enjoying eating healthier foods cooked in healthier ways.  My biggest problem will be changing my cooking style, passing up fast food restaurants on busy days, and, oh yeah, my colas.  That will be the toughest for me.  I love that cool burn of a sweet, carbonated drink!

My first plan of action is to sit down and make out a grocery list, and stick to it!  (Another big problem that I have)  The list will include enough fresh vegatibles, fruits, lean meats, and low calorie carbohydrates to last me through the week.  I will also be taking my lunch to work each day.  I think a healthy salad will do for that!  I really need to think the cola thing out though.  I may allow myself a few 'diet' colas throughout the week, but will concentrate on drinking more water or flavored water.  I'll be checking out more healthy recipes too.  Like I said, it will be a challenge to change my cooking habits.  I did find some wonderful, healthy recipes from the Mayo Clinic's web site.  You can check them out at Mayo Clinic: Healthy Recipes.

I'm feeling pretty positive about making changes in my eating habits.  Next I will be tackeling the exercise issue.  One hurdle at a time though!

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