Sunday, August 16, 2015


I love food.  Not even gonna mince words here,  I LOVE FOOD!  My 54 year old body shows it too. I love any kind of food; American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Polish; yes, I said Polish.  My mom was a great cook.  She was Polish. We ate a LOT of potatoes.  I remember my grandmother saying, "Give a Polish person  six potatoes and they can feed a family of four for a week!"  I ate potatoes fried, baked, broiled, mashed, sauteed, and boiled.  I'm sure that never a thought was given to the amount of carbohydrates we were consuming. However, she also served an abundance of vegetables and fruits.  Then there was my father who was from the deep South.  He also enjoyed cooking and loved fried foods.  There was always a great sugary desert at the table too.  I guess I had a nice balance with the different food styles.  I was also very active in my youth which helped keep me slim and trim.  I never worried about being over weight or unhealthy. I was also never taught about the health implications of eating a poor diet.  When I was 13 we moved to my dad's home state of Louisiana.  I was in heaven!  Fried everything!!!  Our family made food the center of every gathering we had, which happened several times a month.  As I grew older, I became less active and had escalated into a bad diet of fried foods, lots of sugary deserts, fast food, sweet tea and colas.  Not much changed over the years and now I find myself suffering the heath consequences of such a diet with high blood pressure, lack of energy and quite a few pounds over my 'ideal' weight.  My journey to a healthier life started a few weeks ago while taking the last course I needed to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology; Introduction to Nutritional Concepts.  This will not be an easy journey.  Breaking decades old habits will be a daunting task to say the least, but living a healthier life style is on my bucket list.  Uh, let me rephrase that; living a healthier life style is my ultimate goal!
I am very fortunate to have taken a nutrition class.  I now understand what happens when I consume food, why I need to consume certain kinds of food, and why I need to stay away from certain kinds of food.  I hope the information that I have acquired will help others on their quest for a healthier life style.  And so my journey continues.......

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